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Active Measures at KTH

On 1 January 2017 the Discrimination Act was revised. The revison of chapter 3 now regulates what active measures means, how the work shall be implemented, and what areas KTH shall focus on.

Active measures translate in to implementation of preventive and promotional work, accomplished by:

  • investigating whether there is a risk of discrimination or retaliation, or if there are any other obstacles to the equal rights and opportunities of individuals at KTH

  • analysing the causes of identified risks and obstacles

  • implementing the necessary preventive and promotional measures

  • reviewing and evaluating the work described in the points above

    The work on active measures shall be carried out continuously. The measures shall be scheduled and implemented as soon as possible.

    Active measures apply to all forms of discrimination for all discrimination groups:

  1. Sex
  2. Transgender identity or expression
  3. Religion or other belief
  4. Ethnicity national or ethnic origin
  5. Disability
  6. Sexual orientation
  7. Age

As a provider of education, KTH shall implement active measures in the following areas:

  1. Admission and recruitment procedures,
  2. Forms of instruction and organisation of training,
  3. Examinations and assessment of student performance,
  4. Study environment, and
  5. Opportunities to combine studies with parenthood.
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