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Amelie about expanding education places

Published Mar 16, 2023

Head of School Amelie Eriksson Karlström writes about the possibilities to increase the number of education places at the CBH School during 2023-2024. A proposal has been drawn up and submitted.

Just over a month ago, the President’s decision on measures for a balanced economy came and one of the tasks for the school heads was to investigate the possibilities of temporarily increasing income from education by increasing the number of education places during 2023-2024. We have now sent in the school's proposal, which will be presented and discussed with the President next week.

As it is a temporary increase, our focus has been on project courses, LLL courses and programme courses open to non-programme students. For example, we have gone through all of the school's programme courses and selected a number of courses that we believe may be attractive for more people, and that may be suitable to offer to non-programme students or offer as LLL courses. In addition, we already have many interns, often from other European countries, who do projects in the school's research groups without being registered on any course. There are also many programme students, especially at master's level, who are interested in participating in research projects during term time or during the summer months. For both of these categories, we could easily contribute a number of new training places if it were administratively possible to solve the projects within the framework of a course.

Finally, we have gone through the school's civil engineering programme, 3-year engineering programme, master's program and qualifying education program, to see where it would be possible to offer more places. Since it is a temporary investment, however, we need to be careful with programmes that run over several years. In addition, for several shorter programmes it is not possible to increase the places due to low application pressure or limited teaching resources. We have nevertheless identified some programmes where we believe it would be possible to admit more students, and these places will be included in the proposal to the President.