Time to book a health check!

Published Jun 11, 2019

All employees at CBH will receive an invitation to a health examination at the occupational health service Avonova.
The turn has now come to departments Fibre and Polymer Technology, Gene Technology, and Protein Science.

A minor health examination is offered to employees schoolwise in different years. This year, the turn has come to the CBH School.

All employees will receive an invitation during the year. Coworkers at these departments are next to receive an invitation via e-mail:

- Fibre and Polymer Technology, CG

- Gene Technology, CH

- Protein Science, CJ.

All who turn 50, 55, 60 or 64 years during the year are also offered a somewhat more comprehensive health examination.

In the initial phase, the age-related health examination has gone out to all of those who have their birthdays between January and April, others will receive the offer later.

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