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Extra funds for CBH's master's programs

Published Jun 10, 2021

The CBH School has been granted funding from the special investment in “Excellent educational environments”, which aims to further strengthen the educational environment at KTH.

The investment is made possible by tuition fees and a surplus from the tuition-financed activities at KTH and amounts to a total of approximately SEK 7,000,000. On behalf of the CBH school, this means that the master's programs receive reinforcement opportunities as below:

  • TMM; POTE; TKEMM and TMVTM to create common spaces that will stimulate collaboration and interaction between students (SEK 200,000),
  • TIDTM, TMLEM and TTAHM to develop a pre-validation gym in which students can test technology that they have developed themselves (SEK 445,000),
  • TIMBM, TMBIM and TMTLM to make available, for example, DNA sequencing equipment and associated equipment at SciLifeLab for master's students within the framework of one or more courses (SEK 350,000).

In addition to this, the CBH-school has been granted SEK 500,000 to use for salary funds so that master's students can be offered internships in the school's research lab during the autumn term. More information will come, but start already now thinking about whether your group or department has a project that may be suitable for a master's student.

For more information, contact Eva Malmström ( ).