Royal visit at CBH

Kronprinsessan Victoria och prins Daniel besöker Albanova. Foto: Håkan Lindgren
Published Mar 26, 2020

The CBH School received royal visitors in the form of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel last week. They met with Professor Sophia Hober, one of the KTH researchers who is currently developing a new test method for covid-19.

Sophia Hober. Photo: Sara Arnald

Sophia Hober, professor of molecular biotechnology at CBH, is the project leader for the development of an effective so-called serological method to ensure whether individuals have had the disease covid-19. Last Wednesday, Crown princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited KTH to learn more about the research.

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The researchers work has been noted in several Swedish newspapers and Swedish public service did an interview with Sophia last week, on how the research is progressing.

"We are developing a new method to analyze to see if patients and people have been affected by the coronavirus. We have the instruments in place. After all, we can run 7,000 patients in one week," Sophia Hober says to SVT.

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