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Mikael on the Head of School appointment and the CBH School Faculty Assembly

Published Sep 30, 2021

Head of School Mikael Lindström writes about the president’s proposal that he continue to be trusted as head of the CBH School. It is also time to choose a new School Faculty Assembly at CBH.

On the last day of December 2021, the appointments expire for the Heads of School of the ABE and CBH schools. Muriel and I have then had the positions for four years after the reorganization of KTH's schools. The proposal from the President is that we stay on for another four-year period and thus the process for reappointment does not have to be quite as extensive as for the appointment of a new Head of School. The process and the anchoring of the re-appointment in the organization will be carried out by the permanent nomination group (President’s decision V-2019-0649). An interview with the nomination group for CBH’s Head of School is booked for 11 October. Questions and comments can be sent to the permanent group's chair Professor Monica Ek ( ).

It is also time to choose a new School Faculty Assembly for the CBH School. In order to meet the overall goals for collegial influence, the Faculty Council has decided that all of KTH's schools must have school faculty assemblies. CBH's institutions will now elect two representatives each for the term of office 2022-01-01 - 2023-12-31.

The School Faculty Assembly meets at least twice per semester and the meetings are open to all school colleagues, regardless of assignments in the organization, who want to contribute and participate in the discussions.

The members are elected from among the colleagues at each department, for a period of two years with the possibility of re-election. Each institution elects two members. Before the election, each colleague must be asked if he or she is willing to run as an elected member. Equal representation is particularly important among the elected members. Therefore, among the elected members, there must be as many men as women from each institution.

Election schedule

  • 27/9-30/9 Electoral roll announced
  • 1/10 Registration of interest opens – all eligible candidates receive an email from the school management with a request to run. Those who want to run shall respond with a short motivation.
  • 22/10 Registration of interest closes
  • 15/11 Electronic election opens
  • 24/11 Electronic election closes
  • 27/11 Elected members are presented

The schedule may be adjusted slightly.