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New web page for CBH's students

Published Jun 10, 2021

A new web page has been launched for CBH's students. This will be the first page students will go to for help with re-registration, results matters, reconsideration of grades and other things that the education administration helps with.

The purpose of the new page is to make it easier for students, teachers and the administration. When the autumn term begins, it is thus this page that students should primarily be referred to in course administrative matters connected to the CBH School. The web page will be properly advertised to the students this fall.

“Following requests from our teachers to clarify for the students where to turn in the CBH organization, we have created a new student portal that will direct the students correctly instead of them having to ask questions,” says Annelie Fredriksson, head of the CBH School office for student affairs.

The new page is structured with links to a number of forms that facilitate the work of the administration and give them the information they need to solve the cases quickly. The student and course expeditions have recently switched to the case management system Edge, to ensure that no cases fall between the chairs.

Contact Annelie Fredriksson ( ) if you have any questions.

Here is the new page Student service support CBH  (enligsh version will come shortly) that the students will be referred to in the future.