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Amelie on increased education volumes

Published Feb 22, 2023

Head of School Amelie Eriksson Karlström writes about the possibility of creating more education places at the CBH School.

In the President’s decision on "Measures for a balanced economy" that was taken a couple of weeks ago, an important task for the schools was to investigate the possibilities of temporarily increasing the education volumes. Intensive discussions are therefore taking place at the school about where there would be an opportunity to have more education places. Some of the school's programs have high application pressure, and there we try to investigate whether it would be practically possible to admit more students.

Another possibility that is being discussed is to open up existing courses or start completely new courses, which can be given as independent courses or so-called lifelong learning courses. If you have ideas, please speak to your Head of Department as soon as possible! As early as March 15th, we need to present the school's proposal and all contributions are important. In addition to strengthening the school's finances over the next few years, this could be an opportunity for us to increase interest in the school's subject areas and get more in touch with students, which will be positive for the school in the longer term as well.