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HR Happenings

Published Mar 22, 2019

Since February, there have been some happenings at the HR unit on several campuses. Below is a list of all HR people by campus with a comment if something has changed.

Campus AlbaNova

Louise Hasslev, now full-time at AlbaNova
Nina Bauer
Fredrik Häller, new atHR since March 7. Fredrik will be working both at AlbaNova and SciLife
Camilla Johansson, commutes between Valhallavägen and AlbaNova

Campus Flemingsberg

Katharina Engdahl
Sandra Nylén Gustafsson is back from parental leave since March
• Liina Karlsson who has been subsituting for Sandra has now ceased working at CBH

Campus Solna

Jessica Oscarsson has returned from her leave of absence and is now full-time on Campus Solna in room Gamma 5
Fredrik Häller is initially on Campus Solna on Wednesdays in room Gamma 5

Campus Valhallavägen

Ann Ekqvist
Lena Skowron, also working for AlbaNova with Glycoscience
Sara Tysk, also working for AlbaNova with teacher appointments
Kajsa Uusitalo
Josefine Mellberg
Therese Feierbach
Camilla Johansson, also placed at AlbaNova