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Feel Good Bingo is an opportunity to find new habits

“Feel Good Bingo has something for everyone,” says Åsa Jewson and Camilla Blomgren. Photo: Jon Lindhe
Published Feb 27, 2024

On 11 March, Feel Good Bingo will be launched. CBH News met Camilla Blomgren and Åsa Jewson, the contact persons for Feel Good Bingo.

Tell us more about Feel Good Bingo, what is it?

“It's a chance to socialise a bit more with colleagues and maybe discover a new habit that makes us feel good. It is an opportunity to reflect on your habits and think about the question: 'What makes me feel good?'” 

Give an example of an activity!

“It could be having coffee or lunch together. Or getting off early on the way to work and walking the last bit. We may have said too much, but we promise it will be fun!”

Sounds like easy activities?

“Yes, there is something for everyone.”  

How much time does each activity take?

“It varies, but consider a lunch or coffee break.” 

Finally, what does the winning team get?

“We reward the winning team with a picnic basket and a small prize for each team member.”

Text: Leena Höijer