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New housing in Flemingsberg contributes to a vibrant campus

Picture: Towatt Architects & Planners
Published Sep 20, 2023

Around 800 new student and researcher residences are under construction in Flemingsberg, further strengthening Campus Flemingsberg as an innovation hub and a center for research and education. 'More housing will bring more activity in the vicinity around the clock,' says Sebastian Meijer, professor and deputy school director.

Today, Campus Flemingsberg hosts nearly 20,000 students and researchers, not only from KTH but also from Södertörn University, Swedish Red Cross University, Karolinska Institutet, and the Stockholm University College of Music Education (SMI).

An agreement for land acquisition has now been finalized between the property company ByggVesta, the Clara Foundation, and Akademiska Hus. This means that construction of the new student and researcher accommodations in Flemingsberg will commence as early as spring 2024. 400 apartments will be built in the first phase, which is expected to be completed sometime in the first half of 2026.

'The new residences are a logical step in the development of Flemingsberg. With over 19,000 students and five higher education institutions on campus, it is an environment that is gradually becoming more comprehensive and enjoyable to both live and study in. For KTH students living south of Stockholm, our house is a popular place to study in the evenings and weekends, regardless of their programme. More housing will bring more life to the neighbourhood around the clock,' says Sebastiaan Meijer.

Gustav Amberg, President at Södertörn University, agrees. He believes that this project is an important part of solidifying the image of Flemingsberg as a regional urban center with a vibrant student life and a rich academic environment.

The hope is that these will become pleasant neighbourhoods, with residences and spaces that contribute to creating a modern and attractive campus environment.

Text: Åsa Karsberg