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Open House again – but in a whole new way

Published Mar 21, 2019

Last Saturday, Open House was arranged in KTH’s library and all of CBH’s first and second cycle education programmes participated. This time with an entirely new concept.

For the second time, the CBH School participated in KTH’s Open House. This year however, the format had been redone completely. In the past years, the event has been arranged on a Sunday and a Monday in the end of March, and all educations at KTH have had programme booths with students, teachers and study counsellors present. A huge apparatus with relatively few visitors per employee.

This year, KTH’s Communications department wanted to try a new concept. The event was therefore rescheduled to a Saturday and to the KTH Library. Evaluations had previously shown that the personal meetings with existing students are what secondary school pupils generally find the most rewarding in their choice of programme. Instead of large programme booths with many employees, a mingle with student ambassadors from all KTH’s first and second cycle programmes was arranged.

The result? As usual, the student ambassadors were professional and answered well and thouroughly to loads of questions about their programmes. Something which already can be is established is that there were more visitors than expected. At 10:45, a quarter of an hour before the event was about to start, there were many visitors at the library. Coffee tickets and programme sheets ran out and there were many visitors up until closure at around 15:00.

Ahead, what remains are evaluations from student ambassadors and visitors to see how the event can be improved for next year.

For visitors interested in getting to know our different campuses, local Open Houses will be arranged in Flemingsberg and Södertälje. On Monday March 25, it’s Flemingsberg’s turn. All educations in Flemingsberg will be represented by students, teachers and study counsellors who will answer questions. Furthermore, there will be a tour of the building, a meeting with the student union and workshops in computer and medical engineering.

Text: Kenneth Carlsson

Participating programmes at Open House:

Biotechnology 300 hp

Computer Engineering 180 hp

Chemical Engineering 180 hp

Medical Engineering 300 hp

Medical Engineering 180 hp

Engineering and Economics 180 hp

Engineering Chemistry 300 hp

Engineering foundation year/semester 60 / 30 fup