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Welcome Stefan Patkos

Stefan Patkos
Stefan Patkos. Foto: Jon Lindhe, KTH.
Published Mar 01, 2023

Stefan Patkos has been a new Laboratory Technician at Fiber and Polymer Technology since a week ago, where he will be in charge of, among other things, the purchase of chemicals.

“I have worked in industry before, but am looking forward to working with something that is not only commercial, but that actually means something.”

What did you do before?

“For the past six years, I have worked at Tikkurila (which owns the brands Alcro and Beckers), which is a producer of industrial and consumer paints. There, I worked as a lab technician in the Support Laboratory and supported customers with, among other things, tests and investigations. I applied for this position because I wanted to work with something related to research and science, something that means something and is not just about the commercial.

What will you be doing at CBH?

“As a Laboratory Technician, I will coordinate the work, manage the purchase of chemicals, take care of instruments and in the future LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), which is a programme for managing flows in a laboratory and its equipment. My job is to make sure that the doctoral students have what they need for their research. Right now I'm going to get to know the doctoral students to see what they do and what their research projects look like.

In which questions can you be contacted?

“As I said, I work with the doctoral students, so if you are a doctoral student in Fiber and Polymer Technology and need chemicals or equipment, I am the one to turn to.”

Text: Åsa Karsberg

Translation: Leena Höijer