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The school's crisis management organization

The aim of the school's crisis management group is to solve an ongoing crisis and then return to a normal state for the activities.

The crisis management group is convened when the whole school or parts of the organization are affected by crime, threat, fire, death, burglary, system threat ot threat against ongoing activities.

The school's crisis management group is in contact with KTH's crisis management group, and with internal parties such as staff and students. The crisis management group holds the authority to lead and make decisions for the needs arising during ongoing crisis.

Location of binder with crisis information:
Head of Administration, Teknikringen 30, floor 7, Campus Valhallavägen
In the flex room on floor 7, Hälsovägen 11C, Campus Flemingsberg
In the flex room on floor 2, AlbaNova

Crisis support (only available in Swedish)

CBH's Crisis Management Group

Contact Function
Head of School and overall responsible
Head of Administration
HR Manager
Educational Administration Manager – students
Communications Manager
Infrastructure Manager – responsible for fire safety