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Assembly points

Assembly points in case of fire.

Campus Valhallavägen

If the fire alarm goes off everyone shall leave the building, no exceptions. You shall immediately go to your assembly point. Memorize where your assembly point is.

All houses in the chemistry block are individually alarmed. This means that when a fire alarm goes off in one building, you will hear the alarm only in that building.

Assembly points at fire alarm

In case of a fire alarm, everybody on the premises will assembly at the yard outside Teknikringen 10 – with the following exception:

  • The assembly point for Surface & Corrosion Science at Drottning Kristinas väg 51 is outside the Q restaurant (Quantum), Malvinas backe 4-6

Remember that the fire chief may consider that we need to keep ourselves further away from our premises. In such cases KTH-Hallen is the assembly point for everyone.

Campus AlbaNova

  • At the beginning of the alley to Roslagstullsbacken 21

    Important to note is to NOT evacuate to the northern side of the building, at Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11, as thisis the access road that leads to the fire alarm control panel.

Campus Solna


  • Nobels väg 18

Environmental Physiology:

  • The lawn between Environmental Physiology (Berzelius Väg 13) and Restaurant Jöns Jacob (Berzelius Väg 9)

Campus Flemingsberg

  • Hälsovägen 7, by the entrance to the Novum house

In case of a person being a wheelchair user or similar, help is to be awaited from the emergency services in the closest emergency stairwell.