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Lab safety

Contact the CBH School's lab safety coordinator with questions regarding lab safety and please read the safety regulations for lab work listed below.

Environmental and lab safety group

The group is led by the school's lab safety coordinator and includes the infrastructure manager and representatives from each department. The group works together with the school management to address challenges in the work environment. The members also play a key role in communicating new initiatives to their respective departments.

Safety representatives at CBH

The employer and employees work together to create a good working environment. The employer has the main responsibility for the work environment and the safety representative (SKO) is the employee's chosen representative on work environment issues. Together, they work to prevent ill-health and accidents in the workplace.

KLARA and Lab Safety Course

All new employees destined for lab work need to be familiarized with the risk assessment system and available resources. KTH offers a three-hour introductory course for new employees. Access to our KLARA chemical inventory system is given following completion of the course. Read more and register at KTH's lab safety pages. 

CBH guidelines for Lab Safety

Everyone conducting laboratory work within the school including students, employees and supervisors must read CBH guidelines for Lab Safety and sign the form stating that they have read and understood the content. The signed form is then sent to CBH's lab safety coordinator for archiving.

CBH Guidelines for Lab Safety (pdf 429 kB)

the corresponding form (docx 20 kB)

Risk Assesments

Complete risk assessments prior to beginning any procedure in the lab.
The risk assement form must be signed by the supervisor and saved in KLARA.

Check here for information on how to perform a risk assessment (pdf 348 kB)   Risk assessment form (docx 19 kB)

In case of potentially dangerous organisms

Make a risk assessment by completing the form, risk assesment for biorisks and and send it to the Lab Safety Coordinator before introducing new biorisks to CBH.

Risk assessment for biorisks (docx 607 kB)

Complete the form CMR investigations prior to using CMR chemicals and send to

CMR investigations

Contact CBH´s radiation safety representative if you would like to work with radioactive sources.

CBH’s radiation safety representative

Ethical permissions

For information regarding research related ethical permissions please contact Amena Archer, Amena Archer

Contact the Lab Safety Coordinator to complete a risk assessment if

  • you are pregnant.

  • you need to purchase a chemical that requires a permit.

Procuring chemicals and handling of chemical waste