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E-mail lists

Here, you can find e-mail lists to groups at CBH.

Important info for using email lists

Read CBH's e-mail instructions before using any of the e-mail lists. Many people will be reached by your message. Choose the email list that best matches the staff you need to reach.

Always use blind carbon copy (bcc)  when using the email lists.

Read more on Directions for e-mail at the CBH school .

Heads of department and division

Group E-mail
Heads of Department
Heads of Division within activities and administration

Teachers at CBH

Campus E-mail
Albanova and SciLifeLab


Doctoral Students at CBH

Doctoral programme E-mail
All PhD students 
Medical Technology
PhD Council

Groups within CBH's administration

Group E-mail
All at CBH's administration
School’s Office
Education Administration
Human Resources

Departments and divisions

Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems


All at Biomedical Engineering and
Health Systems
Environmental Physiology
Neuronic Engineering
Structural Biotechnology
Biomedical Imaging
Health Informatics and Logistics
Basic Science
Technology in Health Care
Human Communication Science
Protein Science E-mail
All at Protein Science
Systems Biology
Cellular and Clinical Proteomics
Affinity Proteomics
Protein Technology
Protein Engineering
Medical Applications
Theoretical Chemistry and Biology E-mail
All at Theoretical Chemistry and Biology
Gene Technology E-mail
All at Gene Technology
Industrial Biotechnology E-mail
All at Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial Biotechnology floor 1

Industrial Biotechnology floor 2

Engineering Pedagogics


All at Engineering Pedagogics
Chemical Engineering E-mail
All at Chemical Engineering
Energy Processes
Nuclear Waste Engineering
Process Technology
Resource Recovery
Transport Phenomena
Applied Electrochemistry
Fibre and Polymer Technology E-mail
All at Fibre and Polymer Technology
Wallenberg Wood Science Centre
Polymer Technology
Polymeric Materials
Coating Technology
Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology
Fibre Technology

Fibre processes
Chemistry E-mail
All at Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Applied Physical Chemistry
Surface and Corrosion Science