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What can Human-Centered Visualization do for you?

Docent lecture

Time: Wed 2016-10-19 15.00 - 16.00

Location: Room D4450, Visualization Studio VIC, KTH. See link below for directions.

Participating: Mario Romero

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In this talk I will touch on my three areas of research. First, the role of visualization on sustainable development. Second, the role of mixed-reality in visualization. Third, the role of pedagogical research in teaching visualization. I will focus on a number of projects exploring visualization for sustainable development, from water distribution in developing nations, to visual financial management systems for sustainable retirement. Then, I will present a number of projects exploring applications of mixed reality in visualization, from augmented reality and virtuality to virtual reality. For instance, I will demonstrate a project visualizing a simulation with a Volvo XC90 to determine contamination events, where mud and water enter the engine block and distribution belt. We have built a shared virtual reality environment that visualizes an immersive simulation for an operator and a team of engineers collaborating on this data set. Finally, I will present my pedagogical contributions to teaching visualization and graphics. From these three fields I will explore the implications for visualization as a field and as a tool to be used in other fields. My aim is to raise the discussion of what human-centered visualization can do for you in your research area and what are the practical mechanisms we have to collaborate towards shared goals.

Place: Visualization Studio VIC, Room D4450.