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High-Performance Wireless Communication for Industrial Cyber Physical Systems

Time: Tue 2023-12-05 11.00 - 12.00

Location: L1

Language: English

Participating: Zhibo Pang

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For over two decades, wireless communication has been attracting academia and industry to explore its potential of transmitting time-critical and/or safety critical messages in industrial cyber physical system (ICPS). It is also one of the main drivers of the evolution of 5G/6G, WiFi6/7, and beyond. Despite the significant progresses in the recent years, major challenges are still hindering its scalable adoption in practical ICPS. In this presentation, I will briefly introduce the application scenarios, requirements, and recent research on this topic. Some proprietary as well as standardized technologies will be discussed, especially on their limitations and potential directions for future research. At the end, I will share some reflections on the cross-disciplinary research strategy of Communication-Computing-Control Co-Design which I believe is promising.