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Reaching over the gap: Cross- and interdisciplinary research on human and automatic speech processing

Time: Fri 2021-12-10 15.15

Location: Zoom

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Participating: Odette Scharenborg

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The fields of human speech recognition (HSR) and automatic speech
recognition (ASR) both investigate parts of the speech recognition
process and have word recognition as their central issue. Although the
research fields appear closely related, their aims and research methods
are quite different. Despite these differences there is, however, in the
past two decades a growing interest in possible cross-fertilisation.
Researchers from both ASR and HSR are realising the potential benefit of
looking at the research field on the other side of the ‘gap’. In this
survey talk, I will provide an overview of past and present efforts to
link human and automatic speech recognition research and present an
overview of the literature describing the performance difference between
machines and human listeners. The focus of the talk is on the mutual
benefits to be derived from establishing closer collaborations and
knowledge interchange between ASR and HSR.

Speaker bio:
Odette Scharenborg is an Associate Professor and Delft Technology Fellow
at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Her research
interests focus on narrowing the gap between automatic and human
spoken-word recognition. Particularly, she is interested in the question
where the difference between human and machine recognition performance
originates, and whether it is possible to narrow this performance gap.
In her research she combines different research methodologies ranging
from human listening experiments to computational modelling and deep
learning. Odette co-organized the Interspeech 2008 Consonant Challenge,
which aimed at promoting comparisons of human and machine speech
recognition in noise. In 2017, she was elected onto the ISCA board, and
in 2018 onto the IEEE Speech and Language Processing Technical
Committee. She is an associate editor of IEEE Signal Processing Letters
and a member of the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent
Systems (ELLIS) unit Delft. She has served as area chair of Interspeech
since 2015, and served on the Technical Programme Committee of
Interspeech 2021 in Brno. Since 2021 she is also vice-president of ISCA.

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