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Mapping the electroglottogram over the voice range, with FonaDyn

Time: Fri 2019-03-01 15.15

Location: Fantum (Lindstedtsvägen 24, floor 5, room no. 522)

Participating: Prof. Sten Ternström

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Talk abstract:
The electroglottogram (EGG) signal represents the changing contact area
between the vocal folds. It is a non-acoustic signal that complements
the information obtainable from the radiated sound of the voice. The
recently completed thesis projects of Selamtzis and Pabon inspired the
combination of the EGG with the voice range profile (VRP). In a string
of publications since 2014, we have explored how the EGG can be
characterized in relation to voice fo and SPL. The resulting FonaDyn
software is a novel real-time voice visualization and analysis tool. It
was released into the public domain as an original software publication
in March 2018. FonaDyn records voice and EGG in parallel, and
categorizes EGG pulse shapes on the fly, using real-time clustering of
EGG spectrum data. It also quantifies voice instabilities, by estimating
the running sample entropy of the EGG cycle data. The program can be
configured to record also slow physiological signals such as respiration
and Psub in parallel, making it a versatile workbench for many different
studies. I will give a status report from this ongoing project, with
live demos, and an overview of applications, results and continuing