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Multimodal Language Grounding for improved Human-Robot Collaboration

Time: Thu 2019-06-20 11.15

Location: Fantum (Lindstedtsvägen 24, floor 5, room no. 522)

Participating: Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos

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In my 50% seminar, I am going to talk about my PhD work so far in the
topic of grounding in embodied multimodal interfaces, but mainly focus
on recent work (after my 30% seminar). I will present an overview of our
studies in multimodal communication between humans, and between humans
and robots in different forms of embodiment and social non-verbal
behaviour. The seminar (and PhD) will focus in task-oriented dialogue
with instructional HCI systems, with interaction strategies modelled
from human-human collected data, and influenced by previous work in
psycholinguistic studies. The purpose of this seminar is to get feedback
on past and current work and to discuss future directions on my PhD.