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Ongoing research at KMITL, including Vocalists’ Perception and Performance in Virtual Environments

Time: Fri 2022-01-21 15.15

Location: F0 (Lindstedtsvägen 24, floor 5, room no. 527)

Video link:

Participating: Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan,

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Welcome to my zeroth-year seminar. The seminar will be presented in two
main topics: 1) an ongoing experiment called “Vocalists’ Perception and
Performance in Virtual Environments” and 2) current activities and
research at King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL),
Bangkok, Thailand.

About the experiment, a virtual rehearsal suite was created which
provides a virtual environment over a head-mounted display and
headphones. The system was designed to systematically investigate how
vocalists adapt to the acoustical properties of performance venues. In
the experiment, the singers will wear the virtual rehearsal suite, and
sing under various audiovisual conditions. Since we are in the process
of analyzing the recording data, a short video of the experiment will be
presented in order to have a better idea on how the virtual rehearsal
suite works.