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Crisis and preparedness organisation

Here you can find information about EECS' crisis and preparedness organisation and who is included in it. You will also find emergency numbers and the school's local crisis plan.

EECS' crisis plan

A crisis is an event that can seriously damage, disrupt or threaten the school's or the entire KTH's operations.

The crisis management group convenes if EECS' organisation is affected or if there is an imminent risk of crime, threat, fire, attack, accident, death, burglary, brand crisis or threat to ongoing operations. The group also meets if there is a disaster where the school's employees or students are located.

EECS' local crisis plan (in Swedish) (pdf 272 kB)

Appendix to EECS' local crisis plan (in Swedish) (pdf 336 kB)

EECS crisis and preparedness organisation

Convener: Head of Administration

Deputy convener: Deputy Head of Administration


Personal injuries: HR manager 

Communication/press: Communication manager 

Students: Deputy Head of Unit, School's Office of Student Affairs 


Security coordinators at EECS

Main safety representatives

See who's the safety representative at your location: EECS's local safety representatives

Campus Kista 


Campus Valhallavägen

The purpose of the crisis organisation

  • The group is convened when all or parts of the school's organisation have been affected by crime, threats, fire, accident, death, burglary, system threats or threats to ongoing operations.
  • The group solves the ongoing crisis and ensure that operations return to normal.
  • The group has contact with KTH's management group for crisis management and internal stakeholders such as staff and students.