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Routine for ordering printed matter

Here you can find information on how to order printed matter.

Place you printed material orders in Wisum  (new routine from May 2023). It is still possible to contact US-AB for help and discussion regarding details.

Instructions for ordering printed material in Wisum

1. Go to Wisum

2. Click at "Produkter & tjänster" in the upper menu

3. Choose "0.2 Tryckeritjänster" in the catalogue menu

4. Choose "Tryckproduktioner - beställningsingång" and click on Till US-AB Portal

5. Click on "Till Webshop" to access the US-AB portal

6. Choose the product you want to order. Here you will also find US-AB's contact details.

Ordering theses

When it comes to theses, you can continue to contact US-AB directly. Follow these instructions

KTH's visual identity

When you design a printed matter, it is important that it follows KTH's visual identity . Here you can find templates for everything from web and print ads to reports and film.

Please contact communications at EECS  if you have questions about design and visual identity.