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Routine for conference payments

Here you can read how to pay for your conference.

Here you can read how to pay for your conference.

In the first instance, make your payments by invoice. Please note that according to KTH's rules, we do not pay invoice fees and require 30 days of payment terms.  

Secondly, you should pay by FUP card or private credit card and make a personal expense. You must then register the cost immediately in KTH RES, and Reskontra will prioritise handling these expenses.

As a last resort, contact . Remember to have approval from your head of department/supervisor and project number before you contact us. Please do so well in advance. We make the conference payment via Zoom meeting with a Purchasing employee.

Contact paths

  •  for all matters relating to customer and supplier invoices and other payments that do not relate to expenses and travel expenses.
  •  for all affairs about expenses and travelling expenses.
  •  for all other issues related to conference payments.