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Local IT-support

The following applies to the school's local IT-support.

On site IT-support 

The EECS school has three technicians on-site at the school premises:

  • Electrum: Simon Persson  (left most office in the glassed area next to Service Center)
  • Borggården: Mattias Jonsson  (Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 4, three rooms down from Service Center)
  • Q: Peter Lönn  (Teknikringen 31, floor 3, next to the mail room)

When you need IT-support

When you need IT-support, always email  or call 08-790 66 00 first. If they can’t handle the problem, they will escalate the ticket to the right competence.

After doing so you can also visit your nearest technician. Please bring your ticket number that you should have received via email.

For more information including manuals, visit the central IT-Support pages

IT coordinator

The EECS IT coordinators are is Joakim Hydén and Constantin Clembetsanis. They are responsible for collecting, formulating and coordinating the IT needs for EECS and making sure that the IT projects of EECS are allocated the accurate competence.


Contact the IT coordinators at