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Get deliveries to KTH

The following applies if you would like to order something to KTH which is delivered by courier.

Order a delivery or package

If you order something and would like it delivered by package or post to the school, please state one of postal addresses below. Choose the address where you would like to pick up your order.

Note that it is very important that your own name is stated at the delivery. Otherwise the school’s service centers cannot contact the correct person and the delivery will be sent in return.

Electrum (Kista)

KTH EECS Service Center Electrum
Name, division/reference
Kistagången 16
164 40 Kista

Main campus

Q (Malvinas väg and Teknikringen 29-33)

KTH EECS Service Center Q
Name, division/reference
Malvinas väg 10
114 28 Stockholm

Borggården (Lindstedtsvägen and Teknikringen 14)

KTH EECS Service Center Borggården
Name, division/reference
Osquars backe 2, floor 4, 114 28 Stockholm

Large deliveries (pallets) or chemicals

The only exceptionis if you order a large or heavy delivery (pallets or over 20 kilos) or chemicals - then it should be addressed to the nearest lab or loading dock.

For Electrum the delivery address is:

KTH Kista
Isafjordsgatan 24
164 40 Kista

Please make sure that the sender marks the delivery with your name/reference, otherwise we will not know who the recipient is.

Packages and deliveries are accepted in one of the school’s service centers. If and when you have an order to receive, the service center will contact you.