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Information about incoming and outgoing mail handling at EECS.

Link to mail handling at KTH Post

Incoming mail

The infrastructure and service unit distributes mail daily around 10:00 at the main campus and around 13:00 in Electrum. All employees should have their own mail compartment in one of the mail rooms. If you are unsure where your mail compartment is, talk to your manager or contact .

Outbound mail

All mail rooms have boxes or trays where you place outgoing ointernal and external mail. The mail is collected from the mail rooms around 13:00 daily.

If you would like to send mail the same day and the mail has already been picked up from your mail room, you can:

Main campus:

Leave your mail in the "last minute" mail box in the intersection of Osquars backe and Lindstedtsvägen (emptied at 15:30). 


Leave your mail in Service Center before closing time. 

See below for important information about addressing mail correctly. 

Addressing of outboundmail  

Internal mail

Internal mail is to be places in a brown internal mail envelope (available in all mail rooms), addressed and placed in the outgoing internal mail box in any one of the school's mail rooms.

It is veryy important to address internal mail correctly, otherwise KTH-Post cannot deliver the mail in time. The address should be as follows:

First and last name
Street address

KTH-Post sorts the mail on a division level, not by employees' names.

External mail

If you want to send external mail, put the mail in an envelope/alternative packaging (KTH envelopes are available in the mail rooms), address the envelope and place it in the outgoing mailbox. Do not put any prepaid stamp on the evenlope. The exception is if you are using a non-KTH envelope that has no stamp bar code. If you are using such an envelope, ask Service Center for a stamp sticker.

Postal address to the school

Borggården and Q (main campus):

Division and Name
(Optional: Street address)
100 44 Stockholm


Division and Name
Electrum 229
164 40 Kista