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Seminar: Apply to the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research Future Research Leaders!

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) visits KTH for a seminar to introduce their 9th call for the flagship program to foster and advance future research leaders. The call, with the application deadline on August 26, 2024, in this round of calls, is only made every three years.

At this seminar, the Research Support Office at KTH will also inform you about the support you can get from us when applying.

Time: Fri 2024-05-24 10.00 - 12.00

Location: KTH Library Salongen Osquars backe 31

Language: English

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Since its inception in 2000, the programme has been announced every three years, and more than 150 successful researchers have participated. A further 16 young researchers are now allowed to participate.

Link to the call from Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research Future Research Leaders, SSF 

Over five years, the participants will receive a grant of SEK 15 million each and undergo solid leadership training. The programme aims to give newly established researchers with the highest scientific and pedagogical competence the opportunity to develop as research leaders. The individuals should have the ambition to implement research results in society outside academia and, at a later stage of their career, shoulder responsibility for a constellation that is significantly larger than their research group.

Programme and Registration


Please register by sending an e-mail to senior research advisor Viktoria Halltell



Welcome! Viktoria Halltell at Research Support at KTH begins by briefly talking about the Research Support Office and what we can help with regarding this call


Johan Nilsson from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), presents the ninth call for the Future Research Leaders program


Emil Björnson, who was accepted in the seventh call (FFL-7), talks about his path there and how he feels about being accepted into this flagship program


Anna Raask from Research Support at KTH presents the "Pre-active Impact Plan" (PIP) that KTH has developed and explains why it is important to include social impact in the application