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Research Ethics at KTH

The KTH Research Support Office can provide support related to research ethics. You are welcome to contact the Research Ethics Advisor about e.g.:

• Support related to ethics reviews in connection with research applications
• Dialogue about research ethics-related problems in planned or on-going research
• Dialogue about guidelines on ethics and good practise in research

Research ethics are essentially based on human rights and serve as one of many benchmarks for the researcher’s professional role. Commonly, questions include the risks of direct harm to humans and other animals during experiments. Due to technological developments and political circumstances, the processing of personal data and the possible use of artificial intelligence have come to entail more pronounced risks, especially concerning privacy issues and oppression.

Research at KTH is often technical with broad application opportunities. This is why it is particularly relevant that research be applied in ways that are not oppressive, harmful or offensive. It is also important to be aware of that the use of research results by others is difficult to control or predict.

In recent decades, legal aspects, such as requirements for certain ethics permits, have played an important role in tightening research ethics requirements. Each researcher is responsible for ensuring that her or his research has the necessary ethics permits. KTH (as an organisation) is responsible for preventive measures, advice and support related to research ethics. However, the legislation is primarily aimed at preventing the most serious violations and focuses on a risk analysis carried out before the project.

Importantly, research communities continue to have a great responsibility to integrate ethical, scientific and legal requirements into their operations.

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