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KTH 6G-IA membership opens for participation in exclusive calls and activities

The 6G-IA membership provides KTH researchers access to activities organised by the association and allows them to apply to exclusive HE calls. Photo: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay
Published Aug 22, 2022

Now, KTH researchers can access activities organised by the 6G-IA, the Smart Networks and Services Industry Association, and participate in exclusive calls since KTH Digitalization Platform recently became a member. 6G-IA is the voice of European industry and research for next-generation networks and services. Its primary objective is to contribute to Europe’s leadership on 5G, beyond 5G and SNS/6G research.

Tobias Oechtering. Photo: KTH
James Gross. Photo: KTH

The formal 6G-IA contact person and Digitalization Platform Director Tobias Oechtering  and James Gross  give the details of the association and benefits for KTH researchers in participating:

What is the 6G-IA all about?

The full name is 6G Smart Networks and Services (6G SNS) Industry Association. It is one of the Horizon Europe’s (HE) private-public partnerships, cluster 4, Digital, industry, and space. It is one of the few co-programmed partnerships, which means that the partnership takes over tasks from EC to implement the research program. Accordingly, the influence of the association on the HE research program is very strong. Moreover, some calls are exclusively for members of 6G-IA. The association is quickly growing and has industry, research, associations and SMEs members. All major stakeholder in the area is part of it. More information about the association can be found at the 6G-IA website .

Why has KTH Digitalization Platform become a member of 6G-IA?

Telecommunication research is one of the core research areas at KTH, and this partnership is working very well so that the platform believes that it is natural and strategically a good opportunity to join this association. All major stakeholders from R&D use 6G-IA to exchange ideas, identify new challenges and mutual interests, and form consortia to address these challenges. Moreover, being a member allows KTH to participate in exclusive calls, where KTH was already successful once since we joined the association in spring. Thus, the Digitalization Platform thinks it is strategically important to join this association as a full member.

What can this membership offer KTH researchers?

It provides KTH researchers access to the activities organised by the association and allows them to apply to their exclusive HE calls. It is an opportunity for KTH researchers to engage through a forum with other very dedicated partners. Moreover, it provides KTH researchers with a corresponding interest and profile to participate in the process to developing the research program.

Why should KTH researchers be active in this association?

The association will provide KTH researchers with a network in the corresponding area and its dedicated subtopics. This network will be very valuable to establish consortia to apply for research funding in the HE program. The platform believes that if one wants to successfully apply for HE research funding in this area, an active participation in this association is a promising strategy.

Anything else you would like to add?

James Gross  and formally the platform director Tobias Oechtering  act as KTH contacts for the association. Feel free to contact us if you are interested or need help. The platform would like the opportunities due to this membership to be widely exploited.

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