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Provide content for KTH LinkedIn digitalisation showcase page

All KTH researchers are welcome to provide content suggestions for the KTH LinkedIn showcase page "Digitalisation at KTH". The page is part of KTH's main LinkedIn channel, so contribute to our joint LinkedIn channel facing all those interested in the research front within digitalisation at KTH.


Do you have questions about the Digitalisation at KTH page? Please contact communicator Maria Malmqvist or page coordinator Jie Che via .

About the page

The goal of the showcase page Digitalisation at KTH  is external communication to communicate that there are significant research efforts in the digitalisation domain at KTH. The page, supported by the KTH Digitalisation Platform, does not compete with other communication activities but tries to amplify our communication efforts. We, therefore, will be happy to re-share and like LinkedIn posts of KTH research in the digitalisation domain.

What to post on the page

In general, everything related to digitalisation and KTH is relevant to communication as long as it fits the LinkedIn format, including text, short videos or pictures. 

Examples of relevant news items

  • Research results (recently accepted papers at prominent venues)
  • Awards (for example, best paper awards) or other recognitions
  • Events at KTH 
  • Larger project grants with an interesting scope
  • Larger initiatives worth communicating
  • PhD or LicD graduations
  • New faculty recruitments in the area
  • Any other interesting news

How to send in your LinkedIn tip

Send in your suggestions related to your own work and also pointers to others who we could then contact. Either you fill in the form or email the editors.


LinkedIn suggestion form


Email your tip to the Digitalisation at KTH page communicator Maria Malmqvist or page coordinator Jie Che via .


For more inspiration, please visit the successful Materials Science at KTH  or Energy at KTH  LinkedIn showcase pages.

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