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  • Sanna Kuoppamäki new assistant professor within digital transformation in ageing societies research

    Published Sep 21, 2021

    The new KTH faculty member Sanna Kuoppamäki does research within the digital transformation in ageing societies. She is an Assistant Professor in Technology in Health Care at the Division of Health In...

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  • Watch the conference: "Security for Industry - How to avoid a Cyber attack"

    Padlock on blue background.
    Published Jul 13, 2021

    On May 26, 9.00-17.00 KTH’s research platforms on Digitalization and Industrial Transformation organized an online conference on "Security for Industry - How to avoid a Cyber attack". The aim was to b...

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  • Data sharing and service provided by KTH library

    Published Mar 29, 2021

    Here you find news and updates from the Research data team.

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  • Subscribe to platform newsletter

    KTH school
    Published Feb 11, 2021

    Each strategic research platform has its own newsletter for researchers at KTH. Below you can sign up for one or more newsletters.

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  • Survey on research for climate adaptation at KTH

    Published Jan 14, 2021

    This survey is intended for researchers that either have an interest in doing research for climate adaptation in the future, or are already doing it.

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  • Report from AI for Life Science @ KTH

    Published Dec 18, 2020

    On October 14, 9.00-17.00 KTH’s research platforms on Digitalization and Life Science Technology arranged a daylong digital workshop on artificial intelligence and machine learning for life science, h...

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  • Interview with Ricardo Vinuesa, new Vice Director of the KTH Digitalization Platform

    Published Dec 15, 2020

    Ricardo Vinuesa is the new Vice Director of the KTH Digitalization Platform. We have interviewed Ricardo about how he will take on the role as Vice Director.

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  • Workshop: AI for Life Science @ KTH

    Picture of a blue brain with dots connecting different parts.
    Published Sep 17, 2020

    KTH’s research platforms on Digitalization and Life Science Technology warmly welcomes you to a daylong workshop on artificial intelligence and machine learning for life science, health and care. The ...

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  • Postdoc workshops: “How would you solve my problem?”

    Published Sep 01, 2020

    Would you like to... Network with other postdocs working with life science technology topics? Get inspired by the ourstanding guest researchers? Solve a problem by collaborating with other particip...

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  • Nominate Deputy Platform Director for KTH Digitalization platform

    Published Aug 20, 2020

    You who are employed by KTH are welcome to nominate a colleague who you would like to see as Deputy Director of KTH's Digitization Platform. Nomination deadline: 21 September 2020.

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  • Digitalisation for urban sustainability

    Skyline of a city. Blue icons of a house, wifi and phone connected by blue lines.
    Published Aug 12, 2020

    The European initiative "Green Deal” will require many technical innovations to achieve the transition to sustainable cities where digitalization will play a key role. IVL and KTH welcomes you to an i...

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  • Workshop: Best practices to catalyze EU and industry collaborative research projects

    Published Jun 23, 2020

    The aim of the workshop is to gather and discuss “best practices” for efficiently and effectively catalyzing new academia-industry collaborative research projects. A number of invited speakers will be...

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  • KTH Live-In Lab Datapool

    Published Jun 12, 2020

    KTH Live-In Lab´s Datapool is our portal for research data from our Testbeds (buildings) and research results. The idea is to collect, store and share data to accelerate innovation in the built enviro...

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  • EIT Crisis Response Initiative Launched

    Published May 26, 2020

    As part of the EU’s collective efforts to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is announcing the launch of the ‘EIT Crisis Response Initiative’. The E...

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  • Applications for the residence Eva De la Gardie

    Published May 11, 2020

    For the third year in a row, the Swedish Institute in Paris and Institut français de Suède call for applications for the residence Eva De la Gardie (first woman elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of...

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  • AI Innovation of Sweden Partner week

    Published May 11, 2020

    A four day online conference with different themes every day. AI Innovation of Sweden will be broadcasting live and there will be guests visiting and calling in from different locations in Sweden and ...

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  • Free courses and seminars provided by SwedSoft

    Published May 07, 2020

    SwedSoft offers free courses and short seminars for professionals. The courses and seminars are available now or in the near future.

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  • Swedsoft seminar: Succeeding with large scale software development measurement programs

    Picture of two women in an lab environment in front of a computer working.
    Published May 05, 2020

    Welcome to a digital seminar about succeeding with large scale software development measurement programs hosted by Swedsoft. May 25, 2020.

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  • Open data at KTH – interview with Jonas from KTH Live-In Lab

    Published Apr 29, 2020

    KTH Live-In Lab is an initiative that receives strategic action funding from KTH DIGI, to promote data-sharing on campus. Charlie Gullström interviewed its Director Jonas Anund Vogel.

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  • The workshop on Digital twins becomes an online vernissage: Digital Twin Expo KTH-RISE-IVL

    KTH main building in sunset with blue sky and lights from the windows.
    Published Mar 25, 2020

    Due to the corona situation the previously announce workshop on "Digital twins for smart, energy positive and sustainable cities" changes format to an online vernissage. Please see below message from ...

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