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KTH's platform for energy research supports and catalyses interdisciplinary research in the energy field. An important goal is to facilitate interaction between expertise at KTH and external partners within academia, public organisations and companies with an interest in Energy research,


Platform event

Future competence for a sustainable energy system

5 December

Sweden/the world is facing enormous growth in the energy sector to meet the transition for a sustainable society and energy-independent Europe. This requires competence and cooperation. Welcome to a network meeting which aims to allow industry, authorities, and academia to meet in dialogue on the energy issue.

Conducted webinar

Energy science anthology webinar recording

Webinar film & anthology info

When researchers from KTH got together with independent Swedish non-profit membership organisation VA (Public & Science), the result was a popular science book about energy that has received a lot of attention. In September 2022, a webinar was held to provide more details about the book and give anyone interested in the project the chance to ask questions.

More about/view the webinar recording
KTH Energy Platform directors about the anthology
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