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Provide content for KTH LinkedIn energy research page

All KTH researchers are welcome to provide content suggestions for the KTH LinkedIn showcase page "Energy at KTH". The page is part of KTH's main LinkedIn channel, so contribute to our joint LinkedIn channel facing all those interested in the research front within energy at KTH.

About the page

The KTH EECS school coordinates the LinkedIn page Energy at KTH . If you are doing energy science, let the editors know if you have a paper, arrange an event or have other news to share.

The entries on the subject pages can, for example, be about:

  • Publications
  • Money for a new project
  • Dissertation, licentiate and promotion
  • Events for the public
  • Course or training for the public
  • New lab equipment
  • New collaboration partners
  • New employees Awards/Prize Winners
  • News articles and researcher portraits in the research area
  • Job ads

How to provide info

More info about Energy at KTH  and how to provide information to the editors: Topic-based pages on LinkedIn

Email the editors: