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A Radically New Consumption – What Could Climate Commitments Imply?

Mistra Webinar Recording

Published May 18, 2022

Mistra Sustainable Consumption's research program arranged a well-attended webinar in May on the new consumption-based climate goals that Sweden may become the first country in the world to have.

Sweden may become the first country in the world to have a consumption-based climate target. This would include emissions both in Sweden and abroad that are caused by Swedish consumption.

But what kind of consumption is compatible with climate commitments? What will we eat? How will we travel?

In this Mistra webinar there are presentations from several studies that focused on consumption patterns in different countries that are compatible with climate targets. Differences and similarities between the studies and their results are presented. Possible policy implications are discussed in a panel. The unanimous suggestions from the Swedish all-parties committee on environmental quality objectives are also presented.

Participants were researchers from KTH (Göran Finnveden), Chalmers (Jörgen Larsson), SEI (Åsa Persson), Lund University (Oksana Mont) and Emma Nohrén from the Green Party who presented the Environmental Objectives Committee's report on climate goals. As well as a number of international guests.

View the Mistra webinar recording

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