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EIT RawMaterials new call for KAVA7 projects 2021

Proposal registration: 17 January (submission deadline: 28 February) at 13.00 CET 2020

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Published Nov 04, 2019

EIT RawMaterials has opened its annual call for proposals. The call includes project proposals within the scope of the Lighthouse on the circular economy and circular cities, as well as educational and upscaling proposals. The core concept is that your proposal contributes to innovation in mining, metals and minerals processing, steel and powder metal production, minerals and metals use, recycling or substitution. Horizon2020 rules apply. Deadline for registration is 17 January and for full submission is 28 February, 2020.


EIT RawMaterials has announced a new call for KAVA7 projects 2021, with the following deadlines:

  • Proposal registration: Friday 17 January 2020 at 13.00 CET
  • Proposal submission: Friday 28 February 2020 at 13.00 CET (about two weeks after the main H2020 submission deadline).

Call for KAVA7 projects 2021 (EIT RawMaterials)

More information

Additional information on the new calls will be provided:

  1. at the EIT RawMaterials Brokerage Event in Berlin on 6-7 November;
  2. through webinars later this year and early next year (see below);
  3. at the Proposal Days. The first one will be held in Helsinki/Espoo on 9 January (date and place to be confirmed), with two more events in Brussels and Madrid in late January/early February 2020 (dates and places to be confirmed);
  4. through regular contact with our CLC/Innovation Hub staff (Olli Salmi, Denise McCluskey) and with me.

EIT RawMaterials Brokerage Event in Berlin on 6-7 November

Webinar series and seminars

Series of webinars/seminars

How to develop successful proposals for getting your ideas to learners - the things to think about!

Join webinars/seminars

Each webinar will be 10-15 minutes long. Seminars are maximum 1 hour.


Webinars will be complemented by written examples and guidelines as well as the optional seminar discussions. Starting from 8 Nov, you can get access to the recorded webinars and complementary guidelines (Dropbox) .


For further information, please, contact Denise McCluskey

The idea of the webinar series is to support people work systematically to develop their idea into a concrete proposal - as they follow the webinars. People can also choose to discuss their ideas and receive coaching by participating in optional seminars.

Friday 8 November 1300 CET

  1. Webinar 1a The essence of the call; characteristics of successful proposals – and what you can get funding for.
  2. Webinar 1b Getting reviewers excited about your learning idea.

Seminar 1 for project coordinators from KTH is 12 Nov at 0900 CET.

Friday 15 November 1300 CET

Webinar 2 Transforming your idea into tangible project plan and budget

Seminar 2 for project coordinators from KTH is 19 Nov at 0900 CET.

Friday 29 November 1300 CET

Webinar 3 Building a consortium that can carry out the plan and reach learners

Seminar 3 for project coordinators from KTH is 3 Dec at 0900 CET.

Friday 15 December 0900 CET

Webinar 4 Wrapping up your proposal and mapping it to the SeedBook portal

Seminar 4 for project coordinators from KTH is 13 Dec at 1200 CET.


CLC/Innovation Hub staff

Olli Salmi

Denise McCluskey


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