KTH Energy Platform Best Poster Award 2019

Deadline: October 22th, 2019

Published Sep 15, 2019

Participants of the Energy Dialogue 2019 together will have the opportunity to get a taste of the energy research done at KTH through a poster session. In addition, a jury will select the 3 best posters with respect to three criteria namely, innovative design, clarity and communication qualities and accessibility for a broad audience without specific knowledge in the research field.

The 3 winners will receive a full day communication training workshop (followed by feedback sessions) organized by professionals from Vetenskap & Allmänhet, value: SEK 5000. It covers training for selecting material, preparing communication, blog writing, and video. The material prepared in conjunction with the workshop will be published on v-a.se and dissiminated though social channels. The aim is to start building your digital communication portfolio.

Submission information

- Impact is getting a key concept in planning and communicating research. Reaching a broader public like engaged and non-specialist citizen is vital for democracy. The conventions for presenting a poster differ upon the audience and the poster should be intended for a broader audience with general scientific understanding and without specific knowledge of the topic.

The researcher must be an active PhD-student registered at KTH and be registered as participant for the KTH Energy Dialogue 2019.

The researcher should submit the poster as .pdf file latest October 22nd, 2019 to energyplatform@kth.se
with title "Best Poster Award 2019". Acceptance will be notified by October 30th, 2019. The first screening is a simple check to relevance to energy research. We will print the poster when accepted.

The researcher will present the poster during the dedicated session and should accompany with a 1-min pitch.

Check list

  • Content - Concrete and clear impact, is it easy to understand for non-specialists? What are the 3 points that the public should remember?
  • Visual lay-out - Is the poster easy to read from a distance of 3 meters? Is it pleasing for the eye?
  • Interaction with the poster - How do you interact with the guests at KTH Energy Dialogue? Can you convey the main message within 1-min?

To help you selected the content, Anders Sahlman (Vetenskap & Allmänhet) has published a serie of short tutorial, Explain research in brief

The jury selecting the best posters, includedCharlie Gullström, University lecturer and researcher at KTH Architecture; Marie Alpman, Editor at Forskning & Framsteg and Per Alvfors, Professor in Chemical Engineering at KTH.

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