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KTH Energy Platform Best Poster Award 2019

Deadline: October 22th, 2019

Published Sep 15, 2019

Participants of the Energy Dialogue 2019 together will have the opportunity to get a taste of the energy research done at KTH through a poster session. In addition, a jury will select the 3 best posters with respect to three criteria namely, innovative design, clarity and communication qualities and accessibility for a broad audience without specific knowledge in the research field.

The 3 winners will receive a full day communication training workshop (followed by feedback sessions) organized by professionals from Vetenskap & Allmänhet, value: SEK 5000. It covers training for selecting material, preparing communication, blog writing, and video. The material prepared in conjunction with the workshop will be published on and dissiminated though social channels. The aim is to start building your digital communication portfolio.

Submission information

- Impact is getting a key concept in planning and communicating research. Reaching a broader public like engaged and non-specialist citizen is vital for democracy. The conventions for presenting a poster differ upon the audience and the poster should be intended for a broader audience with general scientific understanding and without specific knowledge of the topic.

The researcher must be an active PhD-student registered at KTH and be registered as participant for the KTH Energy Dialogue 2019.

The researcher should submit the poster as .pdf file latest October 22nd, 2019 to
with title "Best Poster Award 2019". Acceptance will be notified by October 30th, 2019. The first screening is a simple check to relevance to energy research. We will print the poster when accepted.

The researcher will present the poster during the dedicated session and should accompany with a 1-min pitch.

Check list

  • Content - Concrete and clear impact, is it easy to understand for non-specialists? What are the 3 points that the public should remember?
  • Visual lay-out - Is the poster easy to read from a distance of 3 meters? Is it pleasing for the eye?
  • Interaction with the poster - How do you interact with the guests at KTH Energy Dialogue? Can you convey the main message within 1-min?

To help you selected the content, Anders Sahlman (Vetenskap & Allmänhet) has published a serie of short tutorial, Explain research in brief

The jury selecting the best posters, includedCharlie Gullström, University lecturer and researcher at KTH Architecture; Marie Alpman, Editor at Forskning & Framsteg and Per Alvfors, Professor in Chemical Engineering at KTH.

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