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KTH's research platforms

KTH has six research platforms in the fields of Digitalisation, Energy, Industrial Transformation, Materials, Life Science and Transport. These research platforms are linked to KTH’s interdisciplinary research domains and aim to promote organisation-wide activities and strategic initiatives in the various research domains.

KTH’s Vice President for Research is ultimately responsible for the platforms. The platforms have a steering committee that decides on budget and strategic issues. Each platform acts as a team consisting of a director, one to two deputy directors and a reference group or equivalent, together with a joint administrator and communicator.

Facilitating the work of the research platforms are various support functions which arrange platform activities and communication, and prepare decisions, for example.

The platforms internal pages for KTH researchers

Professional support

External website

There is information on the platforms that is published on KTH's external website.  These pages are aimed at visitors from outside of KTH, for example industry and other potential partners.