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Research initiatives

Strategic research initiatives include collaborations in research areas with several of KTH's schools and departments. They often include external partners, for example, universities, research institutes, companies, or organisations.

KTH's strategic research initiatives operate over an extended period and usually involve several research projects or the implementation of a larger overall research programme. They can also be created to emphasise one specific research area and increase the degree of interdisciplinary research.

Major research infrastructure, where KTH is the host or part, can also be considered a strategic infrastructure. These are open to researchers at KTH and sometimes to external users.

KTH's strategic initiatives include:

  • Research centres
  • Strategic Research Areas (SRA)
  • Research platforms
  • Research infrastructures
  • European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
  • Strategic Innovation Programmes (SIP).

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

KTH is part of five consortia within the EU-funded European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) initiative: Digital, InnoEnergy, Raw Materials, Helath and Urban Mobility. They are set up to strengthen European competitiveness and make Europe a global leader of innovation.

Research centres

There are between 50 to 60 research centres at KTH. They are mainly a collaboration between academia, industry and society to focus on a specific research area. Centres are often the result of a current societal challenge that need multi discplinary approaches.

Research infrastructures

KTH is home to a large amount of labs and infrastructures to be used for research, both by researchers internally and external parties. KTH divides its infrastructures into established, national and other research environments. If you want to use one of the these in your research, contact the environment's director.

Strategic innovation programmes

Strategic Innovation Partnership (SIP) programmes bring together leading actors from academia and the private and public sectors to highlight and define areas where they see a need for joint initiatives and a mustering of forces in Sweden.

Research platforms

KTH has six research platforms: Digitalisation, Energy, Industrial Transformation, Materials, Life Science and Transport. They are virtual units that bring together research groups and research initiatives in the same area - from all over KTH.

Strategic research areas

KTH plays a leading role in five national Strategic Research Areas (SRA). They are a result of a Swedish government initiative that has been ongoing since 2010.