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SIP - Strategic Innovation Programmes

Strategic Innovation partnership programmes bring together leading actors from academia, private and public sector to strengthen competitiveness and contribute to sustainable development in prioritised areas.

KTH participates in ten out of seventeen programmes

The Swedish Government launched the Strategic Innovation partnership programmes to help meet a range of societal challenges that Sweden is facing. The programmes involve new ways of travelling, residing, doing business, living, communicating, and using and preserving the world’s resources and ecosystems. The funding is distributed via the Swedish Innovation Agency, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development. KTH participates in several programmes.

KTH coordinates two of the Strategic Innovation partnership programmes:

Programme offices for both SIP:s at KTH are located at the School of Architecture and Building (ABE). The Research Support Office has been involved in the establishment of the programme offices and has an allocated resource who works part time at the InfraSweden 2030 programme office.