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Invite others to join a meeting

Organise a meeting for...

Multiple participants

  1. Book a meeting room with a videoconferencing system
  2. Book a Zoom meeting in Outlook calendar
  3. Add the participants to the calender invite

One participant

  1. Book a meeting room with a videoconferencing system
  2. Supply the participant with the videoconferencing systems SIP address (participants can connect using the SIP address from: Skype for Business, Zoom and videoconferencing system)

Preparing for a meeting

Below you will find some general tips and questions to ask yourself as a meeting organiser in preparation for the video conference.

  • How many other locations will participate in the video conferencing?
  • Who are the contact persons at the other participating locations?
  • Is there time difference between locations?
  • Will anyone show a presentation?
  • Have you booked a room with a videoconferencing system?
  • Do you have any preferences on how the meeting room is to be arranged?
  • Do you know how the connection will be made (direct call between two systems or do you need to use a Zoom meeting that is able to host multiple participants)?
  • Who is the technical support person at the other locations?
  • Which IP or SIP address does your system and the connecting partner systems have?


When connecting to a location for the fist time, set up a test meeting a couple of days prior to ensure that there are no technical issues, if needed please contact IT support.

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