Adobe Creative Cloud and cloud storage

KTH has entered into an agreement with Adobe in order to provide employees and students with a software suite in Adobe Creative Cloud. The Adobe agreement includes limited access to cloud storage in Adobe Creative Cloud. Note that it's not KTH's meaning that this cloud storage is to be used by our users; they should continue to store their data in their home folders and in KTH Box. Adobe publishes information regarding storage options at Common Questions | Creative Cloud .

KTH has signed a Data Processing Agreement with Adobe for Adobe Creative Cloud that ascertains that personal data is processed according to GDPR.

KTH IT has reviewed Adobe Creative Cloud for teams Security Overview White Paper  and Adobes Security FAQ for IT  and the assessment is that Adobe handles data in a safe manner and that the data stays within the EU.

For you who handles confidential information

If you handle information covered by confidentiality regulations in OSL (Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act) you must make sure that you do not store that information in Adobe Creative Cloud. You need to store the information in a way that meets the applicable information classification requirements.

See Riktlinje för tillämpning av reglerna om offentlighet och sekretess vid KTH  (only in Swedish) for a general orientation about confidentiality at KTH.

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