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Save files and folders

KTH provides the opportunity to save files on KTH file servers for employees and students.

Rules and Regulations

Here you can read more about the Swedish Personal Data Law (PUL), how it is applied and what rights you have in terms of your personal privacy.

The basic principle for saving information in the cloud is that you can not save classified information or personal data unless the service is approved by Personal Data Law (PUL).

Read more about Rules and Regulations

Save on KTH file servers

Save your files repeatedly!

This minimizes the risk of losing your files if, for instance, your program crashes or network access is lost.

If an accident happens and you have not saved continuously, there is a small chance that the work can be restored anyway, read more about it on the page for MS Word  or KTH OneDrive .

KTH provides file servers for both employees and students.

Here you will find information about the file system and how to access your files from different operating systems or from a web browser.

Get more information about saving on KTH file servers

Save in the Cloud

KTH OneDrive is available to all active students and employees.

More information on KTH OneDrive

Backup of Local files

 KTH Client backup - Crashplan is available for backup of local files

Read more about Crashplan

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