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Access to KTH Windows home folder and file shares from Windows

The KTH Windows platform (aka WIKS) has a central role in the KTH IT environment. Windows users might need to access the common file shares. Follow the guide to access them.


In order to access the KTH Windows servers according to the instructions below your computer has fulfill any of these:

  • Be connected by WiFi via eduroam provided by KTH
  • Be connected by network cable at KTH
  • Be connected to the KTH network via VPN connection if you are outside KTH

Connect to home folder and other file shares

The KTH Windows platform has, besides the home folder, a number of common file shares.

The search path of the home folder is constructed by the first letters in the username, e.g. \home\a\l\alice.

To connect to any fo the file shares, follow the instructions below.

Volume address Name in KTH Windows Description
\\\root\home\x\y\username H:\ Home folder (see above)
\\\root\gemensam G:\ Common files for workgroups
\\\root\projekt P:\ Common files for projects

In Windows you only need to write the volume name in the address bar in File Explorer. Change the path for direct access to the home directory as in the example for username "alice":

Use your KTH.SE-account username and password. Sometimes you have to type your username as UG\username