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Access to KTH Windows home folder and file shares from Ubuntu

The KTH Windows platform (aka WIKS) has a central role in the KTH IT environment. Ubuntu users might need to access the common file shares. This is how you do it.

Linux (Ubuntu)

In order to access the KTH Windows servers according to the instructions below your computer has fulfill any of these:

  • be connected by wifi via Eduroam provided by KTH
  • be connected by network cable at KTH
  • be connected to the KTH network via VPN connection if you are outside KTH

Connect to home folder and other file shares

The KTH Windows platform has, besides the home folder, a number of common file shares.

The search path of the home folder is constructed by the first letters in the username, e.g. /home/a/l/alice.

To connect to any fo the file shares, follow the instructions below.

Volume address Name in KTH Windows Description
smb:// H:\ Home folder (see below) G:\ Common files for workgroups
smb:// P:\ Common files for projects

In the file manager (Nautilus) choose File > Connect to Server... and enter


From there you can access the other file areas.

You can also user the hotkey Ctrl-L and write the path in the address field.

Commandline access

Default path

If you need access to the folder from a commandline window or from another application you wlll find the file area mounted under //run/user/<<uid>>/gvfs, but can also be accessed under ~/.gvfs/.

Your own path

If you want to mount the folder at a specifik mountpoint.

Om du vill montera katalogen på en specifik monteringspunkt

1. Create a folder to which the remote location will be mounted


   sudo mkdir /mnt/kth_homefolder


   sudo mkdir /mnt/kth_common

2. Mount the remote location to the folder(s) that youve just created


  sudo mount -t cifs -o username="username" //"u"/"s"/"username" /mnt/kth_homefolder


  sudo mount -t cifs -o username="username"  //”path” /mnt/kth_common

If you want to add this to the fstab it should look something like this:

 //"u"/"s"/"username" /mnt/kth_homefolder cifs rw,user="username",uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0


 //”path” /mnt/kth_common cifs rw,user=”username”,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0


  •  "" should NOT be used when running the commands or in fstab.
  • uid and gid might be different on your systems. They should correspond to your user uid.
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