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Finding the computer name on a KTH Windows computer

When contacting KTH IT-support about your KTH Windows computer you will be asked to provide the computer name. There are two common methods for finding the computer name.

The recommended method is to:

  1. Open the Start Menu, and click on the KTH logo icon below KTH Windows Applications:
  2. You will find your computer name at the top:

An other method of finding the computername is to open File Explorer by clicking in the icon in the taskbar:


In the list to the left you can find the computer name where you usally find "My Computer":

KTH datornamn

There is also a method for those who know their way around a keyboard:

  1. Press the keys Win (key with Windows symbol) and Pause/Break (usually at the top right of the keyboard) simultaneously
  2. Locate computer name in the window that will pop up:
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Last changed: Mar 10, 2022