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How to order KTH SSL Certificate – Server certificate

Here you can find information on how to order KTH SSL Certificate – Server certificate at KTH.

Ordering a server certificate

KTH use Sunet Trusted Certificate Service (TCS), a part of the GÉANT TCS service. The certificate provider is Sectigo.

Certificates can be ordered by those who manage server services on one of KTH's networks.

People registered to order certificates are mainly

  • IT manager at a KTH school
  • A to Certadm "well known" system administrator at KTH
  • Server administrators at GVS IT
  • Select technical contacts at organizations whose domain is not under, but who are affiliated with KTH.

If you often need to order certificates, you can request an account at Sectigo. However, you must have been employed at KTH for some time, and be known to Certadm. Contact to ask, if this applies to you.

How do I order a server certificate?

A server administrator should primarily request a server certificate from someone with a Sectigo account. This is done by contacting the IT manager or senior system administrator at the school.

If you don't know who to contact, send an e-mail to , and we will try to find someone to handle your request.

To order a certificate from a local IT manager, you will need to provide

  • DNS name. We recommend a CNAME. Example:
  • The SSL certificate type . Normally this is "GÉANT OV SSL" or "GÉANT OV Multi-Domain"
  • The certificate properties. Normally SHA-256, "Apache" and 1 year.
  • A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) . Use the PKCS#10 format with a key length of 2048.

Requests are normally handled within one week.

How is my certificate delivered?

Approval of a certificate is sent by e-mail, with links to download the certificate. Read more about installation of server certificate .