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eduroam at KTH

Quick reference guide on how to connect a device to the wireless network (WiFi) eduroam.

Add eduroam to your computer, mobile or tablet

KTH Windows and KTH Mac already have the eduroam certificate

On a computer with KTH Windows or KTH Mac, you can directly connect to the eduroam network with the account information found here .

In case of problems, forget the eduroam network according to step 1 and try to connect again.

The remaining steps below do not need to be followed.

To be able to use eduroam, an active KTH account as a student or employee is required. 

  1. Start by forgetting the eduroam network if there is one already saved
  2. Log in to  on your device.
  3. Click your name at the top left of the Personal Menu (in mobile version then click Profile) and under “My Settings” select “Wireless Network”. Then click “Show my network secret” to see your eduroam account details.

    Alternatively, visit to get there directly.

  4. Copy your Network secret.

  5. Visit  on your device to download the installer for eduroam. Click on “download your eduroam installer”.
  6. Choose “KTH Royal Institute of Technology”.
  7. Download the custom installer file shown on the page and follow the instructions below that apply to your device.
    For more information, click the blue i-button.

Mobile device